ludgerclean cartridges and plates

LudgerClean Glycan Cleanup Techniques

We offer a range of LudgerClean products to suit your specific need. The table below summarises the different applications.

Ludger glycan cleanup table

LudgerClean Products Cat #

  • LudgerClean A cartridges
  • LudgerClean CEX cartridges
  • LudgerClean EB10 cartridges
  • LudgerClean EC50 cartridges  *New Product
  • LudgerClean S cartridges
  • LudgerClean T1 cartridges
  • LudgerClean PBM clean-up plate
  • LudgerClean Procainamide clean-up plate
  • LudgerClean Permethylation clean-up plate
  • LudgerClean 96-well Post-Exoglycosidase clean-up plate  *New Product
  • LudgerClean Post-Exoglycosidase clean-up spin columns  *New Product


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Simon Peel
Head of Glycan Production

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Quotations and Orders

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