N-Glycan - APTS labelled

N-Glycan  - APTS labelled

APTS labeled glycans (9-Aminopyrene-1,4,6-trisulfonic acid) are commonly used as standards for the analysis of glycoproteins by cappilary electrophoresis (CE). The fluorescent APTS molecule confers a strong negative charge to the APTS labeled glycans resulting in rapid separation via capillary electrophoresis.

The labeled glycans are supplied as 20 pmols dried form from an aqueous solution. They are stable at least 5 years as supplied and after reconstitution.

Ludger N-Glycan Nomenclature Table

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N-Glycan Nomenclature Table

A1 glycan (A2G2S1, G2S1), APTS labelled



APTS labeled monosialo biantennary oligosaccharide

A1F glycan (FA2G2S1, G2FS1), APTS labelled



APTS labeled core-fucosylated monosialo biantennary oligosaccharide 20 picomoles

A2 glycan (A2G2S2, G2S2), APTS labelled



APTS labeled disialylated biantennary oligosaccharide

A2F glycan (FA2G2S2, G2FS2), APTS labelled



APTS labeled core-fucosylated disialo biantennary oligosaccharide

FA2G1 glycan (G1F), APTS labelled



APTS labeled core-fucosylated, asialo, monogalactosylated biantennary oligosaccharide

Man-5 glycan, APTS labelled



APTS labeled oligomannose oligosaccharide with 5 mannosyl residues 20 picomoles

NA2 glycan (A2G2, G2), APTS labelled



APTS labeled asialo galactosylated biantennary oligosaccharide

NA2F glycan (FA2G2, G2F), APTS labelled



APTS labeled core-fucosylated, asialo biantennary oligosaccharide

NGA2 glycan (A2, G0), APTS labelled



APTS labeled asialo agalacto biantennary oligosaccharide

NGA2F glycan (FA2, G0F), APTS labelled



APTS labeled core-fucosylated, asialo, agalacto biantennary oligosaccharide

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