N-Glycan - procainamide labelled

N-Glycan  - procainamide labelled

LudgerTag procainamide labeled glycans can be analyzed by UHPLC, HPLC, ESI-MS, and LC-ESI-MS methods. Because of its improved ionization efficiency compared to 2-AB labeling it can permit identification of minor glycans (<1% relative peak area) by ESI-MS.
Fluorescence response: Procainamide glycans show a much higher sensitivity as compared to 2-AB labeled glycans, providing peak heights three times higher than traditional 2-AB labeled glycans. The procainamide labeled sugars show comparable separation to HILIC-UHPLC assays with 2-AB.

Mass spectrometry response: Due to its high ionization efficiency, procainamide shows much higher sensitivities the seen with 2-AB. When analyzed using ESI-MS and ESI-MS/MS, procainamide produces twenty-two times higher peaks than 2-AB. This provides a great platform for the detection and identification on minor peaks by MS/MS analysis.

The labeled glycans are supplied as 20 pmols dried form from an aqueous solution. They are stable at least 5 years as supplied and after reconstitution.

Ludger N-Glycan Nomenclature Table

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N-Glycan Nomenclature Table

A1F glycan (FA2G2S1, G2FS1), procainamide labelled



Procainamide labeled fucosylated monosialo biantennary oligosaccharide

A3 glycan (A3G3S3), procainamide labelled



Procainamide labeled triantennary oligosaccharide

FA2G1 glycan (G1F), procainamide labelled



Procainamide labeled fucosylated, asialo, monogalactosylated biantennary oligosaccharide

Man-5 glycan, procainamide labelled



Procainamide labeled oligomannose oligosaccharide with 5 mannosyl residues

Man-6 glycan, procainamide labelled



Procainamide labeled oligomannose oligosaccharide with 6 mannosyl residues

Man-7 glycan, procainamide labelled



Procainamide labeled oligomannose oligosaccharide with 7 mannosyl residues

Man-8 glycan, procainamide labelled



Procainamide labeled oligomannose oligosaccharide with 8 mannosyl residues

Man-9 glycan, procainamide labelled



Procainamide labeled oligomannose oligosaccharide with 9 mannosyl residues

NA2 glycan (A2G2S1, G2S1), procainamide labelled



Procainamide labeled asialo, galactosylated biantennary oligosaccharide

NA3 glycan (A3G3), procainamide labelled



Procainamide labeled asialo, galactosylated triantennary oligosaccharide

NGA2 glycan (A2), procainamide labelled



Procainamide labeled asialo, agalacto biantennary oligosaccharide

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