Glycotechnology expertise with a commitment to:

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Ludger is an industry leader specialising in glycomics and glycoanalytical technology to support biopharmaceutical realisation and translational medicine. Our scientists are experts in detailed glycan analysis and characterisation and our expertise can be applied to both biopharmaceuticals and glycoconjugates relevant to medical research.

We offer comprehensive range of products to support end-to-end glycan analysis (N-glycans and O-glycans) as well as offer standard or custom glycan analysis services for analysing glycoproteins at all structural levels to our clients globally!


Ludger offers a comprehensive range of products and consumables for glycan analysis.

Glycan Analysis Services

We provide Glycan Analysis services including detailed characterisation of N- and O- glycans, monosaccharide composition and quantitative sialic acid analysis that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Research & Development

Dedicated to improving glycan analysis for biopharmaceuticals and medical glycomics.