About Us

Ludger is an industry leader specialising in glycomics and glycoanalytical technology to support biopharmaceutical realisation and translational medicine.

Our technology originated at the University of Oxford, UK and is used in the quality control of FDA- and EMA-approved biopharmaceuticals worldwide. We provide Glycan analytical services, kits, and reagents for detailed characterisation of glyco-conjugates. We also provide support for validation studies and we provide consultation services for biopharma and regulators and Ludger’s technology can be used to support IND submissions.

We have been operating since 1999 and have successfully established close contacts and serviced our client base including leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies as well as academic research institutions throughout the world. Ludger's Head Office, R&D, analytical services, and production laboratories are located within the U.K Bioscience 'golden triangle' (Oxford-Cambridge-London) at the Culham Science Centre, Oxfordshire, UK and we have a subsidiary office in Shanghai, China.

Ludger is ISO9001 Registered and operates a Quality Management System (QMS) which covers all aspects of the company's operations, including glycan analysis contract services, and is based on the ISO 9001:2015 registration framework. You can verify our certification through Certified Quality Systems by clicking this link and submitting a request.

Our Vision

To be the industry-leading provider of glycomics and glycoanalytical products and services.

Our Mission

To increase worldwide healthcare affordability and availability.

Meet the team:

Our team is committed to supporting the hard work of scientists around the world by consistently delivering products and services with the highest quality.

Here are all the members of our brilliant Ludger team, feel free to contact us as we know people like dealing with people and not a brand or a company.