Alpha-Gal standards

Alpha-Gal Standards

Standards containing the α-gal epitope are essential process controls when using an α-galactosidase. This gives confidence in the function of the enzyme and in the resulting characterization; being able to unequivocally and confidently identify an α-linked galactose from a β-linked galactose in a glycan structure has major implications for the safety of the glycoprotein therapeutic being studied.

Alpha-Gal standard (2-AA labelled)


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The 2-AA Alpha Gal glycan is a linear trisaccharide with sequence linkages Gal-alpha(1-3)-Gal-beta(1-4)-GlcNAc.

Alpha-Gal standard (2-AB labelled)


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The 2-AB Alpha Gal glycan is a linear trisaccharide: Gal-alpha(1-3)-Gal-beta(1-4)-GlcNAc.

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