Ludger Glycopeptide Enrichment - A Cartridges

Glycopeptide Enrichment: LudgerClean A Cartridges

To be able to enrich glycopeptides from a peptide/glycopeptide mixture after protease digestion.

Glycopeptides signals are attenuated in a complex mixture, as they are suppressed by non-glycosylated peptides. Performing a glycopeptide enrichment before analysis will enhance your UHPLC and/or MS signals. This clean-up/enrichment can be achieved by using the LudgerClean A cartridges which are supplied as a pack of 24 cartridges (Cat # LC-A-24). Enrichment with LC-A can be performed before or after labelling reaction.


Ludger Glycopeptide Enrichment - LC-A-24 cartridges Workflow

Product/Ordering Information:

Ludger A glycopeptide enrichment cartridges

LudgerClean A Cartridges


LudgerClean A cartridges are designed for use with any standard 96 well micro-titre plate compatible with a vacuum manifold (E.g. Ludger-Velocity Vacuum Manifold System - LC-VAC-MANIFOLD-KIT) or a liquid handling robot.

NOTE: The devices can be used without a vacuum manifold. In this case a pipette can be used to help push the sample through the cartridge by use of air displacement if gravity alone takes longer than 5 minutes. It is important to ensure that the contact times for the binding, washing and elution steps are consistent and gradual. Fast times may result in poor binding and selective elution. If a solution passing through a cartridge is slower than 5 minutes then use a higher vacuum pressure or pipette to speed up the process, allowing at least 1 minute solvent contact time with the cartridge.

Each pack contains 24 cartridges.

Product guide

** LC-A cartridges can also be used for purification of glycans after fluorophore labelling.

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