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  Cartridges and plate for Glycan Purification: LudgerClean EC50 range

Ludger’s glycan purification cartridges (catalogue no. LC-EC50-24) and plate (catalogue no. LC-EC50-96) have been designed to purify glycans from non-carbohydrate material including salts, proteins and detergents by electronic interaction of the glycans with the surface of the cartridge.

Clean-up of glycans can be performed using EC-50 cartridges/plate:


Ludger EB10 and EC50 Comparison Table

LC-EB10 and LC-EC50 Comparison Table:

A wide range of glycans including N-linked and O-linked type oligosaccharides, tri-saccharides and larger structures can be purified using LC-EC50-24 cartridges or LC-EC50-96 plate as depicted in the comparison table and can be further analysed using orthogonal techniques.

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Ludger EC50 plate - Validation/Data Presentation

EC50 Plate - Validation/Data Presentation

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LC-EC50-24     LudgerClean EC50 Cartridges (Product Guide)

Ludger EC50 clean up cartridges

Each pack contains 24 cartridges.

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LC-EC50-96     LudgerClean EC50 Plate (Product Guide)

Ludger EC50 clean up plate

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