Risk and Title to Goods

  1. All risk in relation to the Goods passes to the Client upon delivery but the title to the goods remains vested in the Company until all sums owed by the Client to the Company on whatsoever account have been paid in full.
  2. The Client may in the normal course of their business use or deal in the Goods but if any Goods to which the Company has title are sold or used in products sold to a third party the Client shall be the Trustee for the entire proceeds of such sale and the Client shall place any such proceeds in a separate account so that they are identifiable at all times as the Company's monies. Nothing herein shall constitute the Client the agent of the Company for the purposes of such sub-sale or for any other purpose. Nothing in these conditions shall prejudice the right of the Company to be paid in full at the due date for any Goods or Services supplied.
  3. If payment of the whole price of the Goods is overdue the Client grants to the Company or its agents the immediate right and license to enter upon the buyers premises end repossess any goods in which the Company has retained title.
  4. If a Client who owes money to the Company for any Goods and/or Services becomes the subject of any action or procedure in connection with any actual or impending insolvency, bankruptcy, receivership, administration order or winding up then the Client must immediately inform the Company accordingly and the Client must not use sell or otherwise dispose of any goods in which the Company has retained title but must immediately return them to the Company.