Ludger V-Tag Glycopeptide Labeling and Enrichment Kit

We are pleased to announce the launch of a kit for the labeling and enrichment of IgG glycopeptides, enabling analysis by (U)HPLC or MALDI Mass Spectrometry.

The V-Tag kit (Cat # LT-VTAG-24) is suitable for IgG subclass glycoproteins that have been digested with pronase or trypsin to release the glycopeptides.
As little as 5ug IgG sample can be used. The V-Tag system is comprised of two steps which can be completed in 2 hours. The first step involves the labeling of peptides and glycopeptides from the protease digest using a novel fluorophore (1 hour). The second step is the enrichment of the glycopeptides using a solid phase extraction (SPE) hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC) cartridge (1 hour).

This kit has been validated according to ICH guideline Q2 (R1) guidelines. Using different IgG samples and replicates of 9 for each, CVs for repeatability were typically <5%.

LudgerTag V-Tag for Glycopeptide Mapping

Presentation Quick Links:

  1. Introduction: mAb Glycopeptide Profiling with V-Tag
  2. Highlights of the V-Tag System
  3. Studies using V-Tag at Ludger
  4. Incorporating V-Tag into your drug programme
  5. Next Steps

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Product/Ordering Information:

  • LT-VTAG-24
  • LudgerTag V-Tag Glycopeptide Labeling and Enrichment Kit