Glycan Quantitation

Part of Ludger’s range of System Suitability Standards and Controls, our BioQuant range has been designed for glycan quantitation.

Purity of BioQuant standards is determined as > 90% by UHPLC. Correct mass identity is assessed by MALDI mass spectrometry. The exact amount of material/concentration is determined by quantitative NMR (qNMR) and quantitative monosaccharide analysis (MA). Quantity values by qNMR and MA agree within 90-110%. MA is traceable to internationally accepted references from USP and dispensed using NIST traceable labware. qNMR is traceable to a NIST SRM traceable Certified Reference Material which has been analysed to the ISO 17025 standard.

A detailed Certificate of Analysis is given for each BioQuant standard which contains comprehensive documentation, lot-specific values, expiration date and storage information.

The presentations below relate to BioQuant chitotriose and our sialylated glycopeptide standards and how you can use them:

Ludger's BioQuant Range of Products

Quantitative unlabelled chitotriose standard.
Use as an internal standard by adding to your glycan samples before labelling:

Quantitative labelled chitotriose standards.
Use as an external standard by running directly on the HPLC/UHPLC:

Quantitative sialylated glycopeptide standard.
Use during the sialic acid or monosaccharide release and labelling process to check the efficiency of glycan release, labelling and recovery: