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LudgerTag Kits

The table below summarizes the applications, type of label, reductant method and analytical platform for each LudgerTag kit.

Selecting a glycan label

Our flowchart below outlines the choices you can make when selecting a glycan label for your analytical detection method:

LudgerTag Products Cat #

  • LudgerTag 2-AB glycan labelling kit
  • LudgerTag 2-AB glycan labelling kit (2PB reductant)
  • LudgerTag 2-AB glycan high throughput labelling kit (2PB reductant)
  • LudgerTag 2-AA glycan labeling kit
  • LudgerTag 2-AA glycan labeling kit (2PB reductant)
  • LudgerTag Procainamide glycan labeling kit
  • LudgerTag DMB sialic acid labeling kit
  • LudgerTag V-Tag Glycopeptide labeling and enrichment kit
  • LudgerTag Permethylation kit
  • LudgerTag 2-AA Monosaccharide Release and Labeling Kit


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