N-Glycan Release & 2-AB Velocity Labelling Module

N-Glycan Release & 2-AB Velocity Labelling Module

  • Product Code: LT-KAB-VP30-MOD
  • Size 30 samples

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This 2-AB labelling bundle kit includes PNGase F enzyme for in-solution release of N-glycans, 2-AB labelling kit and clean-up cartridges for post-labelling clean-up. The kit also includes an IgG glycoprotein standard to be used as a process control as well as a glucose homopolymer (system suitability standard). The protocol presented is the golden standard methodology for the analysis of N-linked glycans using (U)HPLC, LC-MS or MALDI-MS approaches.

This bundle kit includes reagents sufficient for the analysis of 30 samples.

Product Specifications

Application: Release of N-glycans from glycoproteins, subsequent fluorophore labelling and clean up.

Description: This kit contains the reagents needed for PNGase F release of glycoproteins, followed by fluorophore labelling and the solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges required for the purification of the labelled glycans.

Number of Samples: 30 separate analytical samples per kit.

Amount of Sample: As a guideline up to 50 to 100 μg of glycoprotein per sample for release using PNGase F enzyme.

Suitable Samples: Glycoproteins containing N-linked glycans.


Product codeStabilityStorage upon arrival

Main components

LZ-rPNGaseF-302 years4°C
LT-KAB-VP243 yearsRoom temperature
LC-S-A610 yearsRoom temperature
Process control  
GCP-IGG-100U5 years-20°C
System suitability control  
CAB-GHP-305 years-20°C

Shipping: The product should be shipped at 4°C.

Handling: Ensure that any glass, plasticware or solvents used with this item are free of environmental carbohydrates and contaminating enzymes. Use powder-free gloves for all sample handling procedures and avoid contamination with environmental carbohydrates.

Safety: For research use only. Not for human or drug use. Please read the Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for all chemicals used. All processes involving labelling reagents should be performed using appropriate personal safety protection – safety glasses, chemically resistant gloves (e.g. nitrile), lab coat, and when appropriate, in a laboratory fume cupboard.

Kit Contents:

Product Product code Quantity Components
Main components      
PNGase F release kit LZ-rPNGaseF-30 1 PNGase F enzyme
Reaction buffer
NP-40 surfactant
2-AB labelling kit with picoline borane LT-KAB-VP24 1 2-AB dye
Picoline borane reductant
Acetic acid - DMSO
LudgerClean S cartridges LC-S-A6 5 S cartridges
Process control      
Human IgG Glycoprotein Standard GCP-IGG-100U 2 IgG glycoprotein standard
System suitability control      
2-AB labelled glucose homopolymer ladder CAB-GHP-30 1 2-AB GHP ladder