LudgerClean T1 cartridges

LudgerClean T1 cartridges

  • Product Code: LC-T1-A6
  • Size 6 cartridges

  • £131

Hydrophilic interaction silica cartridges. For post-labelling purification of LudgerTag™ fluorophore and chromophore-labelled glycans. Suitable for cleanup after glycan labelling with 2-AB (2-aminobenzamide) and 2-AA (2-aminobenzoic acid). Each pack contains 6 cartridges.
For use in a vacuum manifold system (e.g. Ludger LV system). that can process up to 96 cartridges simultaneously.

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Product Specifications

Application: The cartridges contain a unique solid phase extraction (SPE) resin that binds a wide range of fluorescently labeled glycans and allows purification of these from labeling reagents. They are compatible with many leading vacuum manifold SPE handling systems. Labelled glycans can be N or O-link type.

Description: For post-labeling purification of LudgerTag™ fluorophore and chromophore labeled glycans. Suitable for cleanup after glycan labeling with 2-AB (2-aminobenzamide) and 2-AA (2-aminobenzoic acid).

Binding Capacity: Each cartridge can typically bind glycans released from up to 50-100 μg glycoprotein. For higher capacity cleanup use LC-A-Ax cartridges.

Number of Samples: LudgerClean™ T1 cartridges are designed for single use only.

Suitable Samples: A wide range of glycans can be purified. These include N-linked and O-linked type oligosaccharides.

Binding Selectivity: Essentially stoichiometric binding and elution for most complex glycan mixtures.

Storage: Store at room temperature in the dark. Protect from sources of heat, light, and moisture. The cartridges are stable for at least two years as supplied.

Shipping: The product can be shipped at ambient temperature.

Handling: Ensure that any glass, plasticware or solvents used are free of glycosidases and environmental carbohydrates. Use powder-free gloves for all sample handling procedures and avoid contamination with environmental carbohydrate.

Safety: Please read the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS's) for all chemicals used. All processes involving hazardous reagents should be performed using appropriate personal safety protection - eyeglasses, chemically resistant gloves (e.g. nitrile), etc. - and where appropriate in a laboratory fume cupboard. For research use only. Not for human or drug use

Additional Reagents and Equipment Required

• Pure water (HPLC grade)
• Acetonitrile (HPLC grade)
• Binding solution – 96 % acetonitrile in water (v/v) •Pure water (HPLC grade) • Wash solution – 96 % acetonitrile in water (v/v) • Elution solution – pure water

• Pipettes
• 0.5 µm or 0.2 µm microcentrifuge filters
• Microcentrifuge