Fetuin O-glycan (unlabelled)

Fetuin O-glycan (unlabelled)

  • Product Code: CLIBO-FETUIN-01
  • Size Released from 30 µg fetuin

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Fetuin O-glycan library released from 30μg fetuin glycoprotein.

Fetuin O-glycan library - A library of O-glycans released from fetuin which can be used as a positive control during glycan labelling

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Product specifications

The fetuin O-linked glycan library in this product have been released from 30 µgs of a fetuin standard that is purified from fetal calf serum. A fetuin N-linked glycan library and a fetuin glycoprotein are also available.

Source The glycans in this product are released from a fetuin standard that is purified from fetal calf serum. Fetuin is a glycoprotein present in the circulation which is synthesized by hepatocytes. Fetuin exists in a variety of glycoforms containing bi-, tri-, and tetra- antennary oligosaccharides with variable sialylation.

Form Dry. Lyophilised powder.

Storage -20°C both before and after dissolving. This product is stable for at least 5 years as supplied.

Shipping The product is shipped at ambient temperature.

Handling Once dissolved avoid repeated thawing and refreezing, storage over 3 h at room temperature or above, exposure to light and long term exposure to acid as these will cause glycan desialylation.

Safety The fetuin O-linked glycan library is non-hazardous and has been purified from natural sources certified to be free of all hazardous material including pathogenic biological agents.