Ludger Quantitative Glycopeptide Standard - GPEP A2G2S2 presentation

Quantitative Glycopeptide Standard: BioQuant GPEP-A2G2S2

The quantitative analysis of sialic acids and monosaccharides is a regulatory requirement for any biopharmaceutical drug during the development stage, as well as throughout its whole life cycle (reference: ICH guidelines Q6B and Q5E for comparability studies, EMA monograph on MAb, USP chapters 1084 and 1094 on glycosylation analysis).

At Ludger, we have produced a purified glycopeptide standard which can be used as an internal standard and as a positive control when performing sialic acid quantitation and/or monosaccharide analyses. These methods have been fully validated with this glycopeptide standard as a key element of that process.

The BioQuant Standard BQ-GPEP-A2G2S2 is a quantitative standard that is a purified N-link glycopeptide comprised of a di-sialylated biantennary glycan of the form A2G2S2. This is attached to the asparagine amino acid of a peptide with the sequence Lysine-Valine-Alanine-Asparagine-Lysine-Threonine (KVANKT).

Ludger GPEP-A2G2S2 Glycopeptide Structures

This standard is our most established BioQuant standard and is widely used in-house and by our customers as a positive control in glycan analysis methods such as:

  • Quantitative sialic acid analysis
  • Quantitative monosaccharide analysis
  • Glycan release and labelling

Product/Ordering Information:

Quantitative Glycopeptide Standard - Ludger BioQuant GPEP-A2G2S2

Ludger BioQuant GPEP A2G2S2 glycopeptide standard


Glycan Purity determined as > 95% by UHPLC.
Monoisotopic mass: 2865.1763 [M+H]+
Storage conditions: -20°C
Quantity Summary: BQ-GPEP-A2G2S2-10U

Features and benefits of the BioQuant GPEP-A2G2S2 standard:

  • System Suitability: Use to demonstrate efficiency of labelling, column efficiency and repeatability of glycoanalysis
  • Regulatory Submissions: Supports regulatory submission by demonstrating consistent and reproducible results
  • Quality Assurance: Monosaccharide and Sialic acid analysis is traceable to internationally accepted references from USP and dispensed using NIST traceable
  • Use as a Positive control: The GPEPA2G2S2 standard can run in parallel with your sialic acid release or monosaccharide analysis
  • Well Characterised Sialylated Glycopeptide Standard: Identity and purity is assessed by HPLC, NMR and Mass Spectrometry techniques

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