Ludger Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry

Comparison of LC-ESI-MS
and MALDI-MS techniques and technology to use for analysis of glycosylation

Ludger DMB Sialic Acid Release and Labeling Kit

Analysis of
Sialic Acids

Use the LudgerTag DMB kit to release and label sialic acids in your samples and compare to a Sialic acid Reference Panel (NeuAc and NeuGc) by (U)HPLC analysis.

Ludger Glycan Quantitation Chitotriose

Glycan Quantitation

Ludger's BioQuant products allow you to quantitate glycans in your samples simply and reliably

Ludger Procainamide Labelling


LudgerTag labeling technique to permit glycan analysis by (U)HPLC , ESI-MS, or LC-ESI-MS.

Ludger Glycan Cleanup

Glycan sample clean up

How to clean up glycan samples before or after labeling using LudgerClean products.

Ludger Glycoprofiling Louise Royle

Ludger Glycan Analysis Services

Detailed characterisation of glycans and high throughput services

Welcome to Ludger

Glycotechnology expertise with a commitment to:
Quality.  Consistency.  Confidentiality.

Technology for Analysis of Glycoproteins

A comprehensive range of products for you to use in your glycoprofiling workflow in-house, whether you use LC, MS, LC-MS, or CE.

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Glycoprofiling Services

Analytical services using LC and MS that are tailored for your needs and provide detailed characterisation.
Method transfer to your labs is also available.

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R&D Programmes

We are involved in a number of exciting collaborative research programmes dedicated to improving glycan analysis for biopharmaceuticals and medical glycomics.

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