Ludger DMB Sialic Acid Release and Labeling Kit

Analysis of
Sialic Acids

Use the LudgerTag DMB kit to release and label sialic acids in your samples and compare to a Sialic acid Reference Panel (NeuAc and NeuGc) by (U)HPLC analysis.

Ludger Glycan Quantitation Chitotriose

Permethylation of Glycans

LudgerTag technology for rapid, reliable HT MALDI-TOF-MS analysis

Ludger Glycan Quantitation Chitotriose

Glycan Quantitation

Ludger's BioQuant products allow you to quantitate glycans in your samples simply and reliably

Ludger Procainamide Labelling


LudgerTag labeling technique to permit glycan analysis by (U)HPLC , ESI-MS, or LC-ESI-MS.

Ludger Glycan Cleanup

Glycan sample clean up

How to clean up glycan samples before or after labeling using LudgerClean products.

Ludger Glycopeptide Mapping

Glycopeptide mapping

Perform IgG glycopeptide analysis mAbs by MALDI-MS and (U)HPLC within 3 hours using Ludger’s
V-Tag technology

Ludger Glycoprofiling Louise Royle

Ludger Glycan Analysis Services

Detailed characterisation of glycans and high throughput services

  A commitment to:
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  Welcome to Ludger

Ludger is an ISO9001 Registered Company providing glycoprofiling services and technology to help you engineer, optimise, measure and control the glycosylation of your therapeutic glycoprotein product. Our technology is being used within QbD frameworks. We have a wealth of experience providing structural glycan characterisation of innovator and biosimilar biotherapeutics, including:

  • Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)
  • Hormones e.g erythropoeitin (EPO)
  • Fc fusion proteins
  • Plant glycoproteins
  • Viral glycoproteins
  • Parasitic glycoproteins
  • Vaccines
  • Clotting factors

This will help you address safety, efficacy, product consistency, stability and half-life, regulatory compliance, patent issues and comparability of your drugs. Analytical methods used in house include (U)HPLC, ESI-MS, MALDI-MS, LC-MS.