Glycan Analysis Services

Profiling and/or Detailed Characterisation of Biopharmaceutical Glycosylation:

Ludger's glycoprofiling services are used by companies around the world developing novel biopharmaceuticals, follow on biologics and manufacturing therapeutic glycoproteins. The information we provide is important for: early stage development, process optimisation, characterisation to support regulatory (IND) submissions, batch comparability studies and product lot release QC. Ludger works closely with clients to design and execute appropriate glycoprofiling programmes and can work to GMP standard. Ludger can perform these analyses for you and/or transfer these optimised glycoprofiling methods to your laboratories.

Glycoprofiling Analytical services are available for the following types of glycans:

  • N-glycans
  • O-Glycans
  • GSL glycans
  • Heparin digests

These glycans can be analysed at different levels of detail:

  • Monosaccharides (neutral monosaccharides & sialic acids analysed separately)
  • Intact released glycans
  • Whole glycoprotein (site specific glycan analysis)

Further information on our types of services:

Ludger Monosaccharide Analysis
Monosaccharide Analysis
Ludger Sialic Acid Analysis
Sialic Acid Analysis
Ludger Intact Released Glycan Analysis
Intact Released Glycan Analysis