LudgerTag Procainamide Glycan Labeling Kit

Procainamide labeling permits glycan identification by either mass spectrometry or (U)HPLC, and because of its improved ionisation efficiency
compared to 2AB labeling it can permit identification of minor glycans (<1% relative peak area) by ESI-MS.

Ludger's procainamide labelling system is suitable for N-glycans, O-glycans, GSL-glycans, heparin or any sugar with a reducing terminus.

Our labelling kit uses the same reductive animation labelling method that has been used for 2AB & 2AA. We have also incorporated 2PB as a
reductant in place of sodium cyanoborohydride which makes the method safer to use. Once labelled the glycans are suitable for incubation
with exoglycosidases.

We also offer a clean up system for use after labelling and a range of procainamide labeled glycan standards
(including an N-glycan library and glucose homopolymer ladder).

The presentation below relates to our LT-KPROC-VP24 kit. Results for LT-KPROC-24 are directly comparable.

LudgerTag Procainamide Glycan Labeling System

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Cat #

  • LudgerTag Procainamide Glycan Labeling Kit, 2PB
  • LudgerTag Procainamide Glycan Labeling Kit, sodium cyanoborohydride   *New product
  • LudgerClean Procainamide Clean-up Plate

  • A3 Glycan (A3G3S3), Procainamide Labeled
  • NA3 Glycan (A3G3), Procainamide Labeled
  • A1F Glycan (FA2G2S1, G2FS1), Procainamide Labeled
  • FA2G1 Glycan (G1F), Procainamide Labeled
  • NA2 Glycan (A2G2S1, G2S1), Procainamide Labeled
  • NGA2 Glycan (A2), Procainamide Labeled
  • Man-5 Glycan, Procainamide Labeled
  • Man-7 Glycan, Procainamide Labeled
  • Man-8 Glycan, Procainamide Labeled
  • Man-9 Glycan, Procainamide Labeled
  • IgG N-glycan library, Procainamide Labeled
  • Glucose homopolymer ladder, Procainamide Labeled

Posters & Papers

Analytical Chemistry Kozak

Analytical Biochemistry

2014 October;486:38-40. doi:10.1016/j.ab.2015.06.006. Epub 1 October 2015
Comparison of procainamide and 2-aminobenzamide labeling for profiling and identification of glycans by liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection coupled to electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry
Kozak R, Tortosa C, Fernandes D, Spencer D.

Ludger poster

Investigating the role of insect vector glycosylation in African sleeping sickness transmission: Characterisation of procainamide-labelled tsetse fly saliva N-glycans

Kozak RP, Wongtrakul-Kish K, Williams C, Fernandes DL, Perally S, Rose C, Spencer DI, Acosta-Serrano A
Presented at Glyco23: 23rd International Symposium on Glycoconjugates
Split, Croatia, September 2015

Ludger poster

Procainamide labelling as part of a flexible glycoprofiling system for monitoring of Gal-a1-3Gal related Glycosylation Critical Quality Attributes (GCQAs) of monoclonal antibody (mAb) therapeutics throughout the product life cycle

Kozak RP, Royle L, Liew LP, Spencer DI, Fernandes DL
Presented at WCBP 2016: 20th Symposium on the Interface of Regulatory and Analytical Sciences for Biotechnology Health Products
Washington DC, United States, January 2016

Ludger poster

A QbD-compatible approach for reliable measurement of sialic acid O-acetylation as a potential Glycosylation Critical Quality Attribute (GCQA) of erythropoietin (EPO) therapeutics

Fernandes DL, Thomson R, Gardner R, Liew LP, Kozak RP, Royle L, Strohfeldt K, Osborn H, Spencer DI
Presented at WCBP 2016: 20th Symposium on the Interface of Regulatory and Analytical Sciences for Biotechnology Health Products
Washington DC, United States, January 2016


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